Why pay for features you don’t use?

Save time, keep everything at your fingertips and save money with this predictable monthly fee.

Accounts Details

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Unlimited transactions include:

  • Preauthorized withdrawals
  • Point of sale transactions
  • Online, mobile and telephone banking bill payments
  • ding free® Canadian credit union ATM transactions
  • E-statements
ATM service charges apply for non-credit union ATMs, US & International ATMs. See “Other ATMs” for details.


$9.95 / month
Includes 5 e-transfers/month, $1.50 per e-transfer after 5 free.

Because this is an electronic account, if you write cheques or bank in branch, the following fees will apply:
$0.70 per cheque/pre-authorized debit
$1.50 per in-branch bill payment

Other ATMs

$1.50 per Canadian bank or other ATM transaction
$3.00 per US / International ATM transaction