Spend Well

It is best when the things you spend your money on, are things you truly value. To save money on your chequing account, choose the one that suits your spending habits best.

Chequing Accounts and Credit Cards

Pay as You Go

If you don’t write many cheques or have multiple pre-authorized debits, this may be the account for you. It has no monthly fees and you only pay for what you use.

Interest Bearing

Keep a $1,000. minimum balance on this account, you’ll earn interest while enjoying unlimited Interac use and cheques. 


No need to track how often you use Interac or write cheques, this account gives you unlimited everyday transactions with one set fee. 


Don’t own a chequebook? If you do most of your banking online, this account covers all the basics for one low monthly fee.


Go ahead, you’ve earned it, this account with unlimited free transactions and no monthly fee is only for members who are 59 and older.


Use this account to work with US funds as simply as Canadian dollars. Eliminate conversions, money order and drafts.


It’s for real. Bring all your accounts together and save tens of thousands of dollars in interest, without increasing your monthly payments.

Managing your Money

One of the unique benefits of an RRSP, RRIF or TFSA account is that you can designate how your investments are transferred to your beneficiaries upon your death. Please note that the person you designate does not change automatically if you marry or divorce.

If you want to change your beneficiary at any time, as a result of marriage or divorce or for any other reason, you must create a new designation. If you have any questions about this please contact your branch.

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