Interac E-Transfer

Send or receive money to or from anyone with an email address or mobile phone number and a Canadian financial institution account from a desktop or smartphone. Quick, Easy and Secure! Your recipient is notified by email and/or text message when a transfer has been sent by you, and in a few easy clicks, the money is in their account.


  • Transfer funds to anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Quick – Recipient has immediate access to the funds
  • Easy – Send or receive a transfer from anywhere at any time using your computer or Smartphone 24/7.
  • Secure – Your account number or financial institution information is NOT required.  Email or text is used for communication purposes, however your funds are contained in our secure banking network. Your personal information is secure.

Important INTERAC e-Transfer Notification

We’ve identified an issue with sending INTERAC e-Transfer if a deposit has been made between the hours of 11:00 PM – 2:00 AM. Please refrain from sending INTERAC e-Transfer during this time to ensure the transfer is successful.

Please contact us at 1-877-226-7957 or if there are any questions.

Sending an INTERAC e-Transfer

Member Direct Online Banking

  1. Log into Online Banking and go to “Transfers”
  2. Set up your sender profile and add your recipient
  3. Set up security question (sender and receiver need to know Question and Answer)
  4. Add message to your recipient (optional)
  5. Enter amount to be sent, and choose the account you want the funds to come from
  6. Click send
    Your account is debited a non-refundable fee of $1.50 for the transfer

Mobile App

  1. Log into Mobile App and go to “Transfers”
  2. Pick “Via Interac e-Transfer”
  3. Select Account you want the funds to come from
  4. Select Recipient
  5. Click “Add” at the top right to set up your sender profile – sender and receive need to know the security question and answer
  6. Enter the amount to be sent
  7. Add Memo (optional)
  8. Select notification preference
  9. Continue and confirm details of transfer
  10. Your account is debited a non-refundable fee of $1.50 for the transfer

Limits for sending Interac e-Transfers: $3,000 per transaction, $10,000 per week, $20,000 per month

Receiving an INTERAC e-Transfer

You will receive a notification that an INTERAC e-Transfer has been sent to you. Please follow the links provided in the email or text message and answer the security question and the funds will be directly deposited into your account.

Limits for incoming INTERAC e-Transfers are $10,000 per transaction, $25,000 per week and $50,000 per month.