Our Purpose

At Fusion, we help our members live their best lives.


To support members with financial guidance, community investment and member-focused innovation.


We have changed lives and built stronger communities.

Brand Promise

We commit to ensuring our members and communities remain at the centre of every policy, decision and action we undertake.

Board of Directors

Guy Huberdeau – Board Chair, Fusion Southwest
Garry Smart – 1st Vice Chair, Fusion Southwest 
Richard Dereniwski – 2nd Vice Chair, Fusion Northwest 
Mark Boucher – Director, Fusion Northwest
Margaret Hodgson – Director, Fusion Southeast
Paul Orsak – Director, Fusion Southeast
Albert Paziuk – Director, Fusion Northeast
Carole Shankaruk – Director, Fusion Northeast

Annual Reports

On April 1, 2018 Catalyst Credit Union and Vanguard Credit Union amalgamated to create Fusion Credit Union.

December 31, 2018, marked the end of our first fiscal year as Fusion Credit Union.

Following are the Fusion Credit Union Annual Reports, along with Annual Reports for Catalyst and Vanguard Credit Unions for the last five years, for your reference.

The credit union’s annual report provides reports from the board and management as well as financial statements for the most recently completed fiscal year.

Fusion Credit Union

Fusion Newsletter – The Link

Catalyst Credit Union

Vanguard Credit Union