Spend Well

When selecting your business account, please note that some services may be limited based on account structure. For example, business accounts with two or more signers affects the availability of debit cards.

And keep in mind, we don’t charge for deposits.

Chequing Accounts

Pay as You Go – BUSINESS

This account is for business owners who make Interac purchases or write cheques once in a while. If you use your debit card or write cheques less than 70 times a month, this account may be your best bet.

Interest Bearing – BUSINESS

Keep a minimum monthly balance of $5,000 and this account will reward you with convenience. With chequing and savings in one interest bearing chequing account, there’s no need to move your money back and forth.

Commercial Unlimited – BUSINESS

If you use Interac debit purchases and payments and write cheques, all the time and you have pre-authorized debits, Commercial Unlimited offers your everyday money management under one set fee.


We’re here for good, you’re here for good, it’s a match made in heaven. So take advantage of it! Our Community Group business account is our small way to support all that you do.

FUSION BUSINESS Merchant Program

If you are looking to offer credit card and debit payment in your business, we can refer you to our partner in Merchant Program services.