Mobile App

Our Mobile App makes checking your balance, transferring funds and paying a bill as easy as reaching for your Smartphone! You get secure, convenient access to your accounts on the go.  The App is free and available on Android and Apple devices. You can download the app at any App Store or Google Play at no charge.


  • Check your account balances
  • View your transaction history
  • Pay bills — manage your own bill payees by adding and deleting in 2 simple steps
  • Transfer funds
  • Send an Interac e-Transfer® — add contacts from your Android or iPhone’s contact address book
  • Schedule your own fund transfers and bill payments
  • Deposit Anywhere
  • Quickview feature allows you to view the balance of selected accounts without the hassle of logging in
  • Quick navigation menu bar allows accessibility to all pages without returning to the home screen
  • Fingerprint can be used to sign into the app on iOS devices

How to Download the App

Visit the Apple or Google Play store to download Fusion’s Mobile App. The app is free of charge and is shown as Fusion Credit Union. Note: Fusion’s Mobile App is free however since the Mobile App uses data, your carrier may charge data rates for using mobile banking. Dependent on the action being performed, service charges may apply to transactions you complete on the App.

How to use the App

Once you have downloaded Fusion’s Mobile App, go to the app and select the Log in button. You can then sign into the Mobile app the same way you would sign into online banking. When a login is created you are given the option to display the Quickview information. The Quickview feature can only be disabled by logging into online banking from a desktop or laptop computer. Note: If you leave your phone unlocked or lend your phone to someone that person will have the ability to open the app and see your Quickview information.

One tap away.

The app is free. Download it now from the App store or Google Play.