Interest Bearing – Agriculture

Keep a minimum monthly balance of $5,000 and this account will reward you with convenience. With chequing and savings in one interest bearing chequing account, there’s no need to move your money back and forth.

Accounts Details

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  • Tiered interest, calculated daily, paid monthly
  • No monthly fee

A minimum monthly balance of $5,000 gets you:

  • Unlimited transactions including cheques, pre-authorized debits and Interac debit payment transactions
  • Bill payments: in-branch, online, mobile or telephone banking
  • ding free® Canadian credit union ATM transactions


If the minimum monthly balance is not maintained, the following service fees apply:
.70 per cheque / pre-authorized debit
.50 per Interac direct payment
$1.50 per Interac e-transfer transaction
$0.50 per online, mobile or telephone banking transaction
$1.50 per in-branch bill payment

Other ATMs

$1.50 per Canadian bank or other ATM transaction
$3.00 per US / International ATM transaction