Headstart® Plan 24

With first jobs and the rewards that earning money can bring, money management gets more sophisticated from 13 to 18. The Headstart® Plan 24 account has great benefits and added flexibility.

Accounts Details

Features Fees


  • Savings rate is 0.25% higher than Plan 24
  • No minimum balance required
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly
  • Unlimited free transactions – no fee in-branch debits and credits
  • ding free® Canadian credit union ATM transactions

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  • Free bank/other/USA/International ATM transactions
  • Fusion contributes $5.00 towards the member share when the account is opened and $20.00 towards member share on your 18th birthday. (This becomes yours after the account has been open for 1 year.)
  • Entitled to purchase Term Deposits, minimum balance $500


5 free Interac E-transfers per month ($1.50 after 5 free)