Apr. 19, 2021

Interac Flash Debit Card Limits Are Increasing

Interac Flash/Tap debit card limits are increasing for Fusion members.

Effective April 21, 2021, limits will increase to the following:

  • $250 per transaction for merchant purchases (previously $100) and;
  • $400 for the cumulative contactless spend limit (previously $200).

To activate the per transaction increase and the cumulative contactless spend limit, cardholders will need to perform three consecutive Point of Sale (POS) transactions with their ATM/debit card by entering their PIN on the keypad.  After three successful transactions, the increase limits will automatically take effect for debit cards and mobile wallets.

Do I have a time limit for completing the three consecutive PIN transactions to activate the increase?

No, there is no time limit, but the three transactions using PIN must be consecutive.  Once card holders have completed three consecutive transactions, cards will automatically be updated.

What is a cumulative spend limit?

It’s the value of all contactless transactions made with your card since the last time you entered your PIN.

What is Interac Flash?

Interac Flash is a contactless debit solution that allows consumers to pay for goods and services “in a flash.” Card holders simply tap their debit cards on the terminal of retailers that provide contactless payments instead of entering a PIN code.  It’s as safe and secure as the other Interac Payment Solutions.

How do I set up contactless payments on my mobile wallet?

For step by step instructions on how to set up Apple Pay or Google Pay, click here